Happy October!

Sunday (September 29) was the day Michael the archangel (and all the other angels) was celebrated. I had wanted to do something last year to mark the day and it snuck up on me and the day came and went. This year, I made a plan in advance, keeping it simple and doable. There are lots of great Waldorf resources out there for ways to celebrate (some on my Festivals Pinterest board). A lot of them integrate in the story of St. George and the dragon, but I wanted to only focus on Michael the Angel. I got this wonderful book out from the library (it is now on my want list!) and we read the Michael the Archangel page.

saints and angels book michael

It has beautiful imagery from paintings featuring Michael, plus text that is very easily understood by kiddos. The “bullet points” we focused on, since he is only four, were that Michael is God’s warrior angel, His protector and defender of good against evil.  The Wee One really loved reading about Michael, partly because he keeps asking all sorts of questions about God lately, partly because he loves stories about good versus evil, and partly because his middle name is Michael.

After we read the page and talked a little bit about why we celebrate the day, we read this poem/song (found here):

At the end of summer on hot August nights,
Michael sends falling stars showing strength and light.
In the late night hours you fall,
showering your bright light on all.
Falling stars, falling stars, shoot across the sky,
Falling stars, falling stars, bring to earth your light.
Falling stars, falling stars, shoot across the sky,
Falling stars, falling stars, bring to earth your might.

Then we made a comet ball together, which the kiddo simply loved!

Quick & Easy Comet Ball

  • stuffing*
  • needle and strong thread
  • strips of cotton fabric (we used three strips of orange roughly an inch by 10 inches and three strips of red roughly an inch by 18 inches long)
  • a circle of cotton fabric (I traced a saucer-sized circle; roughly 5 inches)

*you can also add a little rice or dried beans for weight, if you want. My kiddo has a tendency to accidentally beam people in the head with things he throws, so I left that out for this one.

comet ball3

Start by stitching your strips together at one short end, so they are all attached together but still flow and wave.

comet ball2

Trace your circle shape on a scrap piece of fabric. We used muslin we had hand dyed (instructions here).  Cut out your circle.

comet ball

Use a running stitch and stitch all the way around your circle, stopping before you get to where you started.

comet ball6 comet ball7

Have your little one stuff the circle, then insert your strips of fabric you stitched together on one end.

comet ball8 comet ball9comet ball10

Make sure the sewn ends are all the way into your ball, then finish stitching the ball closed. Stitch through the streamers, too, to hold them in place. Knot it securely.comet ball11

Then have fun! Throw that comet and watch the streamers fly behind it! It was really delightful to see how much fun the kiddo had with this.

comet ball13 comet ball12 comet ball14

He’s been carrying his comet ball around with him since we made it, too.