Selfish Sewing Week: Ironing Mat

My next project for myself was an ironing mat for when I am sewing. I have been wanting one of these so I don’t have to pull the whole ironing board out. I bought the insulated ironing mat batting stuff months and months ago, then just never had time to do something with it– until now! This is a very quick & easy project that is definitely attainable in an hour or so.


  • 25 x 37 inches two different cotton fabrics (the yellow floral is from Joanne Fabrics and the black and white is Summersville by Moda)
  • 25 x 37 inches each cotton batting and insulated ironing board batting (something like thisΒ or this)

DSC_0003After you pick your fabrics and cut them and your batting to size,

DSC_0001 DSC_0004

layer the different pieces: cotton batting on bottom, insulated batting next with silver side up, then wrong side down cotton fabric, followed by right side down cotton fabric (the silver side of the insulated batting should be up when you iron, to reflect the heat away from your table surface, so I will be ironing on the yellow fabric side of my finished mat, since this is the fabric on the silver side of the insulated batting).DSC_0006 DSC_0007

Pin all the way around the edges.DSC_0009

Sew the layers together along four sides, leaving an opening for turning right side out. Use a half inch seam allowance.DSC_0017

Trim your edges and corners.DSC_0022DSC_0021

Turn right side out, using a bamboo stick or something similar to make sure the corners are poked crisp.

Then use the ladder stitch to sewing your open closed and top stitch all around the four edges. I used a zigzag stitch for fun.

ironing mat

Then start ironing anywhere!

ironing mat2


9 thoughts on “Selfish Sewing Week: Ironing Mat

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  3. I love this idea – especially since I just got a new cutting/sewing table built and the room is kinda small. I wonder, if you wanted this to be ironable from both sides, you could use the insulated piece facing both sides, right? I think I have enough of it to try it double sided (I would tend to forget which side is the proper one, I think).

    • If I had more of the insulated batting, I was going to try that! Just make sure you still use regular batting between them because I read somewhere you need it to soak up condensation from the steam & heat.

      • ah yes – good idea. I hadn’t thought of the condensation thing. And tonight (woo hoo yippee) I got the rest of the shelves up, and the table almost ready to be cleared of the paint cans. Then this weekend, I can S E W ! ! ! ! And I’m going to make one of these so I don’t have to use that huge ironing board all the time!

      • That’s fantastic!! I bet it will look great when it’s done (just saw that fresh coat of white paint you posted on your blog– nice!). And thank goodness for finally sewing, right? πŸ™‚

      • OH! and last night I got half the stuff in the other cabinets. Hard to do the happy dance and organize cabinets at the same time. But I made it work. πŸ˜† And this morning I was thinking…I do that on occasion…that perhaps a little bit of Velcro on the corners will hold that mat in place. Things tend to wander around on my sewing table.

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