It’s coming!!

Selfish Sewing Week starts on Monday! Thank you Imagine Gnats and Made with Moxie for saying it is okay to be selfish for once (or at least to sew projects for a whole week that are just for me).

1bc0b-selfishsewingweekbutton4Are you ready? Ohh, I am, let me tell you. I have an awesome new top to show you, a sewing helper thing made just for me (very official, that term), an accessory I made for me, and then a project I am going to work on throughout the week that is just for me. Yes, all for me. No giving it to someone or posting it in my Etsy shop. It has been really weird sewing for myself! I never do that. Ever.

fabric fabric

To prepare, I have my fabric prewashed, ironed, and cut. I have my mint cocoa ready to sip and my music playlist ready. One needs music for selfish sewing. Here’s my playlist:

  • A couple of my favorite CCR songs (you know, Creedence Clearwater Revival): Who’ll Stop the Rain, Lookin’ Out My Back Door, and Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
  • Want to make a memory (Bon Jovi)
  • Fix You (Cold Play)
  • Ribbon (She Keeps Bees)
  • Blue Tattoo (Tori Sparks)
  • Crack the Shutters (Snow Patrol)
  • Colours (Donovan)
  • Back to the Wild (Langhorne Slim)
  • Say Yes (Langhorne Slim) (this one actually stops my sewing because the Kiddo and I have to take a dance break for this one)
  • any song by Mumford & Sons

What do you sew to? Are you ready to sew a little something for yourself?


8 thoughts on “It’s coming!!

  1. Yay for you and enjoy yourself free of any guilt ! I would love to know what that black and white fabric is called… I love it!!!

  2. I am SO happy to hear you are doing this for you! I don’t know anyone who deserves it more. You are the most giving soul I have met, and I hope you enjoy your sewing week (not selfish!) and your playlist as well!


  3. Fun! I can’t wait to see your creations! I also like your playlist! I’m a huge Mumford & Sons fan! I feel a little guilty because lately most of my sewing has been selfish sewing. :/

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