Be a Hexie Queen! Blog Hop

Be a Hexie Queen Blog Hop

It’s the “Be a Hexie Queen” Blog Hop! Big thanks to Madame Samm and Debby for organizing the hop! Like lots of others, I am totally on the hexie bandwagon. I think they are just so wonderfully stylish and fun, plus I find hand sewing hexies to be very relaxing, almost prayerfully meditative. I have needed a lot of that this summer, so the project I am sharing with you is completely handsewn.

I started by sketching out some embroidery designs. Once I settled on what I wanted, I transferred them to linen and then hand embroidered them.

hexies closeup

hexies closeup2

Then I picked two other fabrics to go with the embroideries– a deep purple linen and a blue and white vintage feel patterned cotton. I made a bunch of plain hexies with these fabrics. I arranged my finished hexies, stitched them together using the ladder stitch, popped the paper templates out, then backed the whole thing with felt (that I hand stitched on).

Hexie Project in progress

hexies back


A couple tabs for hanging and voila! A new piece of wall art.


Something fun for you:

In case any of you sewing enthusiasts would like to do a little embroidery of your own, I am sharing the pattern I created for the sewing machine embroidery. Just click here for a printable PDF (the “S” is because I sew on Singers). Happy stitching!

sewing machine

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58 thoughts on “Be a Hexie Queen! Blog Hop

  1. Thanks for sharing your art project! The sewing machine stitching is adorable and very versatile…I’ve saved it for a rainy day. Mine will have a B on it 🙂

  2. Hiya Jennet!!! What a lovely piece of modern wall art! So stylish, and the colors are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and for the pattern. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam

    pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

  3. I like your wall art, and the embroidery is a really nice touch. I am very partial to cats so my favorite embroidery is the cat face. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Love these…they’re so cute. The hand embroidery works really well. Not tried the hexies yet…one day I will get round to it, they always look great 🙂

  5. A great wall hanging. I can hardly believe you did all that small embroidery. The fabrics you chose really enhance your embroidery. How clever to put a felt backing on it,too! Thanks for participating and sharing your sewing machine pattern. You are a great inspiration.

  6. That looks lovely! Your piece combines two great loves of mine. Embroidery and sewing. It looks amazing! I never tried embroidering with a machine, though. I just love sitting somewhere with some stitchery in my hands! Thank you for sharing.

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