Art Show!

The art show I was supposed to have for the month of July was thankfully able to be postponed until August because of the giant disruption of the tree falling on my house.Ā I hung the show August 1st and it will be up until the last day of the month at the Bethlehem Public Library. Here are some images from the show.

art show

art show2 art show3 art show4 art show5 art show6 art show7 art show8 art show9 art show10 art show11 art show12 art show13 art show14

If you happen to be local to Albany, NY, you’d make my day if you stopped by and checked it out!


PS: Today is the last day to enter my giveaway.

11 thoughts on “Art Show!

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  2. Oh I love the mix of prints and embroidery – especially on your last pictured hanging! Congratulations on the show!! And, of course, I was delighted to see some lovely constellation embroideries as well šŸ™‚ My favorite may be the sampler…or the “create” and house series…ok, it’s official I can’t pick one favorite!! I wish I lived closer, I’d love love to see these for myself. Really, lovely work, congrats again!!


  3. Absolutely lovely Jennet, congratulations on the display! You have an unmatched talent for design and creativity and it is so great to see that being recognized.

  4. Jennet,

    Congratulations, it could not have happened to a nicer or more talented person! I wish I still lived in NY, I would make the drive to see it in person. I wish all success with the show and I hope things are starting to return to “normal” after the storm and the tree. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.


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