Art School: Cork Printmaking

art school logoPrintmaking is one of my all-time favorite mediums. I love lino cutting, screen printing, collagraph printing, the list goes on. My little guy loves printmaking, too, and this project is great for kids or adults. It is also inexpensive and quick, perfect for when you only have a little time (either because of a kid’s short attention span or because, as a mom, you rarely get much time to yourself!).

Cork Printmaking


  • corks
  • foam sheets (I picked up a pack of 30 at the dollar store)
  • ink pads
  • paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • a pen

cork printmaking

Start by tracing your cork shape onto a sheet of foam.cork printmaking2

Then draw basic shapes inside of the circle you just drew.cork printmaking3

Cut out your shapes.
cork printmaking4

Glue it to your cork.cork printmaking5 cork printmaking6 cork printmaking7

Let dry, then start stamping! Use ink pads and go to town (aka: have fun).cork printmaking8

(You can see I also glued some buttons to corks, too.)cork printmaking9 cork printmaking10

Now go make your own! You can stamp on fabric, too, if you use fabric ink pads. Just pay attention to the directions about heat setting the ink (if required). Here is a printable direction page, too.