Fabric Bowls

Back when we had no internet a couple of weeks ago, the Wee One and I made fabric bowls, based on a tutorial from Buzzmills’ blog. It was a lot of fun and a great way to use up scraps I haven’t wanted to part with. The Wee One loved picking out his fabrics to work with.

fabric bowlsfabric bowls2

(We made this project before his haircut. I can’t believe how different he looks!)fabric bowls3 fabric bowls4 fabric bowls5 fabric bowls6 fabric bowls7

Here they are done! Aren’t they beautiful? I love them, and so does my little guy.fabric bowls8 fabric bowls9 fabric bowls10

He uses his bowl for little toys and things he collects.fabric bowls11 fabric bowls12

It is a great project and I definitely suggest you make some, too! I am thinking of making some with seasonal themed fabrics for various holidays– definitely ones for Christmas (would be great gifts!), perhaps a big one for wrapped Halloween candy, and maybe something Thanksgiving themed for a new set of Thankful Stones.


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