Art School: Lucky Leaf Talisman

Since it is the first week of this new blog series, I am doing lots of art related posts to kick it off! Here is another fun project which can be done by kids and adults alike.

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without mod podge

Painted rocks seem to be very popular right now! There are so many beautiful examples out there, and it is fun to paint on materials besides canvas (which can be intimidating). This project is to make Lucky Leaf Talismans. A talisman is an object believed to bring good luck or good fortune.  Leaves are believed to have various meanings (here and here are two examples), making them a good subject for a talisman. These painted leaves are an artistic take on their natural counterpart, and painting them on a rock like this makes them perfect for display (or for carrying around for luck!).


Lucky Leaf Talisman


  • Rock (washed and dried)
  • Paint (white and one other color; I used watercolor, but you could also use acrylic)
  • Paint brush
  • Mod podge (optional; if you want to seal the rock after the paint is dry) and a foam brush

Start by painting a white leaf shape on your rock. You can make it look as realistic or abstract as you want. Let it dry completely.

Once your white paint is dry, pick one other color and add dots, lines, or patterns to your leaf, making sure white still shows. Let dry.

Once dry, you can seal your new lucky leaf talisman with mod podge, if you want.

Display on a shelf or carry it with you!

painted white leaf white paint on rock painting white leaf leaf drying painting dots painting dots2 without mod podge mod podge with mod podge on done

Here is a one-page direction sheet that is printable, too.


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