A quilt for my baby

quilt for my baby3

I shouldn’t tell you how long this fabric has been waiting for me to turn it into a quilt for the Wee One… let’s just say, one year is about half the length of time it has been. I know, I am a terrible sewing mom. It isn’t even a hard quilt to make, since it is one of those cheater patchwork fabrics, so I have no good excuse. But, I finally got it made this past Sunday (so let’s focus on that part instead)! It was a “spoil the Wee One” day (as he called it), so after making cinnamon roll pancakes and playing good guy-bad guy with lego dudes, I pulled out the fabric. Then I got started and he kept happily playing with legos, with periodic check-ins to see if I was “done yet”.

quilt for my baby quilt for my baby2

The back is a very soft flannel with a retro feel I just love. I did some basic straight line quilting along some of the patchwork lines. For the batting, I actually went with a felt because I wanted it to be a bit heavier weight quilt (the OT who recently evaluated the Wee One suggested a weighted blanket, so this is a step in that direction. More on that some other time).

quilt for my baby4

quilt for my baby5

(He insisted on pretending to sleep in this picture, even though I told him he didn’t have to. Goofball.)

After the quilt was done, we made a fort, snuggled in with the quilt, and read stories… followed by baking and snacking on chocolate chip cookies. We rounded out our day with a very long walk around the neighborhood, looking at flowers, reading numbers on houses, and trying to guess what the squirrels were saying. It was one of those perfect days I want to hold onto for ever.


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