Art School: Super Simple Story Stones

This is the first post in my new “Art School” series! This series will showcase different art projects, mediums, and techniques. Plus, it lets me be an art teacher again.

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Ooh, see how zen and calming the logo is? That means these will be no stress, relaxing, & fun art activities, perfect for you or you and your kids. Some posts will be very “fine arts,” while others will be more crafty. This first project is a super simple way to make story stones (I love art projects that combine disciplines, like how this one blends with literacy). It is also an introduction to collage/mixed media and Mod Podge. I have discovered that people who have never used Mod Podge don’t know what the heck to do with it, so here’s the most basic introduction to it (and as a humorous note, for the very longest time, I pronounced it Modge Podge). Let this be your stepping stone (no pun intended) to mod podging everything! (But leave the cat alone. He hates things mod podged to his fur.)

There are lots of DIYs out there on Story Stones, but this is how I made mine. I am teaching a workshop with kids on this the first weekend in August, and here is what we are going to do.

Super Simple Story Stones


  • mod podge
  • foam brush
  • scissors
  • glass stones (we got a bag of about 30 at the dollar store)
  • small paper images (we used a stamp catalog for our images. These are a great resource for little collage projects and have a variety of images on different topics, plus they are full color.)
  • a bag to carry your story stones in

First, gather your supplies and cut out whatever images you want to use.

story stone supplies

Then, using the flat side of your stones, brush a thin layer of mod podge on.

story stones apply mod podge to stone

Then stick down one of your images. Apply another thin layer of mod podge on top of your image.

story stones put image on story stones apply mod podge over image

Let dry.

story stones let dry

Then, make a cute bag (or even just decorate a paper lunch sack with rubber stamps or drawings) to hold your story stones, and get started with creative story telling!

story stones done and with bag story stones done

Story stones are great as writing prompts, collaborative story telling tools, or just for play! The Wee One loves how these ones feel in his hand and likes to just walk around with them.

Here is a printable sheet of the directions for making the story stones.

If you are giving the story stones as a gift, it is nice to include a tag with some ideas for how to use them. If you like, feel free to use this one I created (6 on a sheet; just print, cut, punch a hole, and attach to the bag).

How to Use Story Stones:

• Use as story prompts to give you writing ideas.

• Play with them! Be imaginative and have fun.

• Create sentences by stringing your story stones together. Fill in missing words as needed to make whole sentences or phrases.

• Use them to write poetry.

• Take turns telling a story– each person adds a stone and a piece of the story as you go around a circle or around the room.


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  1. What a fantastic project! We have a ton of those glass beads, as well. I’m going to try and talk the boys into doing this one. Love it.

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