Quilted Mat: Done!

We moved out of the hotel and into a flat last Friday (finally!). It took several days to get internet hooked up (more on that later), so it was amazing how much time I had with internet pursuits cut out of my day. During that time, I finally got my quilted mat from the sew-along finished. I have just had the binding to hand sew for weeks now, and I finally sat down and got it done.

Here’s the back:

quilted mat done back

And here’s the front:quilted mat done

I didn’t iron it before taking these pictures, so it looks a little wonkier than it really is.This is the first binding I have done, and although it is certainly not perfect, I am happy with it for a first attempt.

And here it is in use:quilted mat done in use

I used the same fabric for the quilted mat as I did for my sewing machine cover. I like that they are matchy-match.


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