Tutorial: Eraser Carving

eraser carving

I am teaching a class at one of the branches of my local library on eraser carving. I thought you might like a tutorial, too!


  • erasers
  • carving tools
  • pencil (no. 2, not a mechanical pencil)
  • ink pad
  • paper (scrap for sketching; good paper for printing on)

eraser carving2

1) Trace the shape of your eraser on your scrap paper.

eraser carving1

2) Sketch whatever you want inside the outline you just drew. Use the pencil and draw darkly. Once you are happy with your sketch, transfer it to your eraser. Either redraw it freehand or put your sketch face down on your eraser and rub firmly on the back of the paper. A faint version of your design will transfer to the eraser. Draw the lines darker if you need to.

eraser carving3 eraser carving4

3) Carve your design. Start with main shapes first and add in details after. Remember to always carve away from your body and keep your fingers away from the tools. The cutting tools are very sharp!

eraser carving5 eraser carving13

4) When you are done carving, do a test stamp with the ink. Check your stamped design to see if you need to make any corrections.

eraser carving11

eraser carving7 eraser carving8

5) Stamp away! Make your own stationery, wrapping paper, mini art, whatever! Use fabric ink pads to stamp on clothes and fabric. Your imagination is your only limit.

eraser carving9eraser carving10

eraser carving6

Here is the full tutorial as a one page PDF.


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  1. thank you so much for putting up this detailed post.. I’m so inspired to try out now.. 😀
    just out of curiosity.. do i need to get any special carving tools?

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