Summer Light

Many years ago, I came across this quote:

Had I not been subject to darkness, I could not have seen the light. (Midrash)

It has remained one of my favorites, reminding me that good and bad, light and dark, sadness and joy need each other to exist. Without sadness, we couldn’t experience joy. We wouldn’t know light if we didn’t have dark. I was recently reminded of this quote because of Crafting Connection’s current Creative Focus, Light. Below are some recent photographs I made that focus on light, particularly that golden glow of summer light in the evening.

summer6summer2 summer5 summer4 summer3 summer

(Thanks to my Wee One’s godfather for having such a beautiful yard for me to photograph in, too.)


3 thoughts on “Summer Light

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  2. Beautiful pictures Jennet! I especially like the second one. Thank you; I never notice things like this.

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