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I just sent you both emails. I am going to share some of your ideas for connecting with kids from the comments tomorrow! Thank you to Crafting Connections for the lovely giveaway!**

Are you familiar with Crafting Connections? To say I love this magazine (and blog) would be an understatement. The Wee One and I enjoyed a pdf copy of last fall’s issue and liked every project in it (seriously). When I was asked recently if I would be willing to review their latest print issue called Celebrate Summer*, I was eager to see how the pdf magazine translated to print. I was not disappointed! I am one of those people who can talk to you about paper weight and finishes, and this magazine’s pages are marvelously thick and luscious. It doesn’t feel like a grocery store magazine; this feels like something you want to hold on to and cherish. The Wee One agrees and has carried our copy around, leaving it open to his favorite pages, then pouring through it some more.

crafting connections3

The gorgeous photography throughout the magazine just pulls you and your little ones in, making it a delight to look at together. The content is up to par with the beautiful design, too. There are poems, book suggestions for the current season, art projects, a kitchen project, and a project just for grown-ups (which you will see more about in Wednesday’s post).

The best thing about Crafting Connections, though, is given away in the title. The whole magazine helps you connect with your children through hands-on doing and exploring of your world. I’m a creative mom, but frankly, sometimes I need guidance and ideas for ways to authentically connect with the Wee One. This magazine helps me do just that. As we do the projects or just look through the magazine and talk about the poems and pictures, we are making memories together, ones I know we will cherish always.

Cairn rock sculpture - Crafting Connections

We want to try everything in the magazine, but we started with “Making Art: Outdoor Sculptures & Mobiles.” Like all of the projects, there are full color, large photos plus an inspiring opening paragraph to get you in the right mind-frame, clear directions, and then ways to not only expand on the project but ways to think about what you are doing and connect it to other things.

The Wee One and I picked one of our few non-rainy days to try our hand at outdoor sculpture. I was hoping to make a rock cairn like in the magazine, but there were zilcho rocks to be had (except for one tiny one). Instead, the Wee One was inspired by sticks, pinecones, leaves, and flowers. He led the project, gathering our supplies, deciding where things go, adjusting the design, then explaining it to me.

DSC_0010 DSC_0012 DSC_0017 DSC_0020

(That’s the one tiny rock we found.)DSC_0038

(This is his thinking pose, as he decides what else should be included in our sculpture.)DSC_0021 DSC_0024 DSC_0036 DSC_0044 DSC_0054

He was so focused and deliberate about each thing he chose and where it went. It was really delightful to watch his process. We had a ball and will definitely get back outside to make more.

Andrea and Danielle at Crafting Connections are offering my readers two generous giveaways:

To  enter, please either like Crafting Connections on Facebook or sign up for their emails (which are filled with inspiring projects and ideas). Then just leave me a comment here saying which you did (or both). For a bonus entry, leave another comment on this post sharing one of your favorite ways to connect with your kids (or niece/nephew, grandkids, whatever special kids are in your life). Maybe your idea will help someone else strengthen their relationship with their kid! (That would totally give me a warm, fuzzy feeling.) I will pick one winner for each prize Saturday July 6th. Don’t forget to check out my post on Wednesday to see a project I did from the magazine, perfect for those who love embroidery!

*I was provided with a copy to review, but the opinions are strictly my own.


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  1. My grandson (7), my 2 cousin (13) and I made a birdseed wreath in a bundt pan for the birds! We had a create time! Made a mess but had a great time. We plan to make a few before Christmas as presents for Mamaw and papaw!

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  3. for me, I usually go by giving a child a piece of blank paper and some colouring material.. then I say to them.. draw what comes in mind.. and colour them as you go along.. Most of the kids are very happy with this and will slowly talk about what they are drawing and stuff.. it kinds of get them into talking as well.. 😀

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  6. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway! I’ve liked Crafting Connections on FB, and signed up for their newsletter as well. 🙂

    One of my favorite evening games with my kids begins with “tell us a story, mama!”. They give me a subject (for example, a cow, a crow, one hundred foxes, and a good farmer”). Many times I think “yikes!!” but just start imagining and talking. Sometimes I’ll say, “then what happened? What do you think?”, and they’ll help out. I’ve learned to let go of my own expectations for what is and isn’t a “good” story. I tell stories the way I sang to them when they were babies – with soul and freely!

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  8. My favorite way to connect with my children is definitely to make things with them. I also love to go for walks one-on-one. That usually leads to very interesting conversations, and discoveries along the way.

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway, lovely Jennet. 🙂

  9. I love to read and take walks with my two-year old graddaughter. We talk about everything we see on the page or on the street.

  10. Although I sew clothing for my daughter, we connect more when sewing/ crafting items for her dolls. She really enjoys the design/ decision making process !!

  11. waiting for my first grandchild to be born…but already making cloth blocks for playing with him/her….can’t wait to be a granny!

  12. I read and make crafts with my grandchildren, this would be an excellent magazine for young children, thanks

  13. hmm to connect with my son? He’s two so I like to get down and play cars with him. Watching him discover something is so amazing to watch

  14. I signed up for their emails!! I’m Canadian so I only qualify for first giveaway :-). Thank you for the chance!

  15. In reading over at craft connections I had a light bulb minute. My grand kids are 4 and 11 and I usually do something with them when I watch them that is a sewing thing. Although the 4 year old gets a little bored sometimes I wished I had something different and I think this magazine will be it. They have projects that I could do with both and that is awesome. There Mom and Dad work so much that I am trying to help with the growth of their creative sides so this was a wonderful post about the magazine because I did not know about it prior….so thanks for making my day. I really appreciate it.

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