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**Giveaway closed! The winner is giveaway winner june 30

Thank you for entering, Becky! I just sent you an email asking for your mailing address. Thank you to everyone else for all the great comments and feedback on my stamp mini quilt and appliques!**

I’m so excited to be hopping along on the “Stamp On It” Blog Hop today! Thank you to Madame Samm and Thearica for hosting!

For my postage stamp, I had to do sewing for my theme. I used one of my Singer sewing machine appliques I made, plus some hand embroidery and a little needle I appliqued on, with some trailing white stitching coming from the needle’s path.


stampin2 stampin4

I’m loving yellow and charcoal grey together, so that was the color scheme I went with. In the corner is my stamp’s currency using a stamp from this fabric and my country (USA) stitched in white to match the other sewing.


The back is finished for hanging, using a dowel in the tab pockets. There are also hearts appliqued on the back, too.

stampin6 stampin5

It was fun to make and I am happy with how it turned out!

Now for the giveaway:

I am giving away three of my original fabric design appliques and the fabric to make one of my original Stuffies (the fabric for the mini Foxie Fox Stuffy). The appliques are cut big so you can fuse and trim them in as you want; for the Stuffy, you just add needle & thread and stuffing. The fabric makes one Fox Stuffy (front and back panels included), plus an accessory picnic basket.


To enter, please leave a comment below (and it would be great if you followed my blog– button on the right hand side), and be sure to leave an email address you check regularly so I can get in touch with you if you win. Any ol’ comment will do, but if you need an idea, how about you share what your favorite sewing pattern or tutorial is (embroidery, quilting, clothing, whatever). I will pick a winner on Sunday June 30th. International entries welcome! (I’ll be having another giveaway next Monday July 1st, too.)

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Thanks for stopping by!


87 thoughts on “Stamp On It Blog Hop! & Giveaway

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  2. Wow – you nailed that assignment! It’s fab! And I love that you put the tabs on the back for hanging – something I’ve never done! Thanks for the chance, the embroideries look amazing 🙂

  3. I just love all the itty bitty details!!! I get tutorials from Pinterest… you can spend hours looking at beautiful projects and ideas, it is very addictive!!

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  5. I don’t recall that there has been a real stamp with a sewing machine on it, so this is a first. There are many other important inventions on stamps, like bicycle, train, automobile, but no sewing machine. Maybe we should start a petition!

  6. Love your lil’ Hanging…sewin’ machine is Awesome! I follow your Blog, thru Email too 🙂

    Love checkin’ out quilt patterns & tutorials ‘specially, as I am new to quilty world! lol

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  8. Your stamp is great, I also like those colors together. Thanks.
    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  9. Love your stamp. My favorite patterns are applique. I love anything by Lori Holt of
    Bee in My Bonnet. Thanks for the chance to win.


  10. I am a happy follower! I too am loving the charcoal and yellow combo- haven’t actually made anything with it yet but have been admiring it from afar 🙂 your stamp is fabulous! i don’t really have a *favorite* tutorial but I do have a favorite place to find them- Make it Love it has some of the best!

  11. Love all of it (except the price for postage)! I thought we were only up to 46¢. It is hard to remember since we have forever stamps now.

  12. Cute stamp, very appropriate with the sewing machine etc. I really liked your design .

  13. Love your stamp. That sewing machine is really cute! Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity.

  14. I love your sewing machine stamp. It is so cute. Colors are wonderful for the summer too.

  15. I like anything on craftsy and Missouri Star Quilt co. Great tutorials for FREE
    Love your sewing machine applique and hope I win one!
    Gmama Jane

  16. Very cute idea. I’m having a good time with this blog, so thanks for the fun. My favorite is youtubes by Jenny Doan. She makes everything seem so easy.

  17. Cute!
    I love all the Crabapple Hill patterns:) They combine patchwork and hand embroidery:)
    I am also an email follower at louster388atyahoodotcom:)

  18. How cute your stamp is. Love the sewing machine.The stamp fabric from Spoonflower is great and you could have just used that as you stamp too.

  19. I get inspiration from all you creative bloggers. I love and try many of the free tutorials and I buy patterns when I’m inspired by other’s creations.

  20. Love your Stamp on It creation !! It’s sew cute. Thanks for the giveaway, I love your sewing machine applique.

  21. Love your stamp, so cute! I like quilting and embroidery tutorials. Thanks for the giveaway. vickise at gmail dot com

  22. Now that is one great “stamp”! What a cute way to add your special applique designs. I don’t think I can pick a favorite tutorial, there are so many. I know, I just love my fellow bloggers who share with us all. What a wonderful, and inspiring bunch we are!

  23. That is great!! and for the way to hang it up….THANKS!!….you know I just thought of another way to display the stamp is to make a display board… what beeinyourbonnet makes to keep her blocks organized while piecing?….you totally inspired us!!….

  24. Oh my….. your own appliques……. just love, love the machine and your stamp! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the giveaway!

  25. thank you so much for your nice giveaway, my favorite tutorial is everything that’s good for kids… clothes, toys, accessories ^_^

  26. what a great giveaway! I do like your applique- very creative ideas! Thank you for sharing.

  27. Oh I love your stamp. It is so much you. I have been following you for a long time now by email. Thank you for sharing your creativity and for a great giveaway.
    Have a great day reading all comments. This blog hop is sew fun.

  28. I love your little quilt and that you chose to be able to hang it on the wall to display. I love little quilts anyway, it is easy to get a project done if you make ’em little, right?

  29. love blog hopping posts.. it gives inspiration to see what other bloggers/crafters are doing.. great job on your creation.. 😀

  30. Love those!! I’m huge into foxes 🙂 and everything crafty! I view a lot of tutorials then work from a few so don’t have a fav necessarily. I like to see everyone’s tips and tricks :-). I follow via bloglovin’.

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