Handprinted shirt

I’ve missed you and my blog! This last week has been crazy. I finished up two websites, business cards for another client, and some other print materials for a different client; working on art for the rapidly approaching art show I am doing whenever I can snag a moment; and trying to have fun with the kiddo. This afternoon I was finally able to get a few pictures off my camera to share with you.

This is an outfit I made my little guy: shorts from last summer that still fit him, and a handprinted shirt I made a while ago that finally fits him. He really likes it, yea!

outfit by mommy handprinted shirt2 handprinted shirt3 handprinted shirt

I have more posts for this week, I promise!


2 thoughts on “Handprinted shirt

    • Thank you!! He said very delightedly, “Mommy made this whole outfit!” And then, as a true 4 yr old boy would do, he added “Except for my super hero underwear.” πŸ˜‰

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