Kid Craft: Butterfly Sculpture!

Here is a fun and lovely project to make with kids, a 3-D butterfly sculpture! The Wee One had a blast with this, it is super quick and easy, and the end product is very sweet.


Start by gathering your supplies:

  • pipe cleaners (2)
  • spool
  • 3 fake butterflies with wire
  • fabric scraps
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pencil


1) Trace a circle using the spool as a template onto the wrong side of the fabric scrap. Cut it out. Fold it in half and make a tiny snip in the center of the fabric. Unfold and glue it to one end of the spool. Let dry.

butterfly13 butterfly12 butterfly11

2) Cut your pipe cleaners into three different sized pieces (we had one piece of leftover). Wrap the wire from one butterfly around one piece of pipe cleaner. Repeat for the other two pipecleaner pieces and butterflies.

butterfly10 butterfly1 butterfly2

3) Wrap each pipe cleaner around a pencil so it forms a corkscrew shape, leaving an inch untwisted at the bottom.

butterfly3 butterfly4

Big brothers are good at helping with this part.butterfly5

4) Decide on placement and stick each butterfly through the hole in the center of the spool. Since you snipped the tiny hole in the fabric, they should push in nicely. You’re done! Lovely little butterfly sculptures for one’s desk or a shelf. Or, if you are four, for making fly in the rose bushes.

butterfly6 butterfly7 butterfly8 butterfly9


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