Easy Strawberry Shortcake Cake

It is 90 degrees and humid here. Can I say ugh? If it was 70 all summer long, that would be so good with me. The only good thing about this heat is that it makes me want to make summery desserts, like this Easy Strawberry Shortcake Cake. It truly is easy, especially if you do the “cheater’s way” I’ll share with you at the end.

strawberry cake

All you do is bake two layers of your favorite white or yellow cake (use cake mix– I won’t tell). Here’s one possibility that looks worth a try.strawberry cake2

Then whip up some whipped cream (here‘s not only a recipe but some interesting variations on whipped cream; me personally? I like simple with good cream, confectioner’s sugar, and real vanilla). Make it a nice big bowl of yumminess. Be sure to eat a small spoonful before putting the cake together– you know, for quality control.strawberry cake3

Then slice up strawberries and once your cake is cool, it’s time to put the whole thing together. Start by putting one layer of your cake on your platter. Then cover the cake with a layer of sliced strawberries, followed by a nice layer of whipped cream. Add your second cake round and this time do a thick layer of whipped cream followed by strawberries on top. Serve immediately.strawberry cake4

Oh so yummy!

The cheater’s version, you ask? Buy sponge cake from the grocery bakery section, a tub of whipped cream, and some strawberries. The only work is slicing the sponge cake/angel food cake in half so you have two layers and slicing the strawberries. But I didn’t tell you this.