Free Printable: Weekly Planner!

flowers1 smallFor my birthday, one of my sisters and her husband gave me a gift certificate to Nicole’s Classes so I could take a fun design class. I picked Ornaments & Embellishments, and I have not been disappointed! I have learned many great techniques for making flowers, snowflakes, specialty brushes, and frames in Illustrator (my go-to program for design work). I think in any profession it is important to take professional development courses and workshops, and design & art are no exception. Nicole’s Classes (especially anything taught by Alma Loveland, the talented instructor for the Illustrator courses) are a great way to do this, especially for busy people. The classes are all online and are self-paced videos– but not too self-paced; if you want feedback on the homework assignments, you need to meet deadlines, which I really appreciate. In just this short two week class, I have learned so much from Alma! Each designer knows different things and tips, so it is great to get her knowledge.

I have designed several things based off of my work in the class that I will share with you in bits & pieces, but for today, I want to give you this free printable weekly planner. You know my love of quotes, so this planner is based around a quote: Be someone who makes someone else look forward to tomorrow.

be someone

Each day of the week has plenty of space for you to write your “to-do” list, plus a blank area for you to jot down a way to help make someone else’s tomorrow better. Maybe it is baking cookies for an elderly neighbor or grocery shopping for a sick friend or donating items to an animal rescue group… there are lots of ways to make someone else’s tomorrow better that only take a little time for you, but make a huge difference for that someone else. If you plan it into your day, it becomes second nature to think and act like that.

planner small

To download your free copy, click here. Please remember it is for personal use only. And my thanks to Nicole’s Classes and Alma Loveland!


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  1. I really enjoyed this post. I think it is great that we write down our goals and see what we want to accomplish. It reminds us of what we want to do everyday. Best of luck with everything 🙂

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