Quilted Mat

Are you doing the Quilted Mat Sew Along? Even though I have made quilts before, I am still a newbie and thought this sew along would be a great way to practice the basics, plus keep me on task. My mat is going to be a sewing machine mat, for under my machine when I sew. I am using charm squares by Ellen Luckett Baker.

Step one is piecing the squares together. Here’s the back, all neatly pressed:DSC_0003

And here’s the front:quilted mat3 quilted mat4

My neighbors probably wonder about the crazy lady who photographs things on her front steps all the time. What can I say, I like the lighting.quilted mat

quilted mat2

And I had to show you these close-ups because check out those seams! Yea, baby. (Please note I didn’t show you all the spots where 4 squares come together. eh-hem.) This is the first project using my new quarter inch foot for my machine and I have to say, that is way more accurate than me eyeballing a quarter inch. (Some of you just shuddered at the thought of all that imprecision, I know.)

Are you sewing along, too? There’s still plenty of time to join in.

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6 thoughts on “Quilted Mat

  1. Hi there, I’ve nominated you for a Wonderful Team Member Readership Award – a bit of a mouthful! If you’d like to find out more have a look at my post, I’ve put a link to your site. Best, Mandy

  2. So glad you’ve got a 1/4″ foot, how did you manage before. Great fabrics, I love the way you’ve put them all in there together, such fun!

  3. Never got to finish that sentence for some reason… My iPhone was acting up!!
    Anyhoooo, I was saying that your mat looks great! But why would you want to cover it all up under a sewing machine? You could put any ol’ thing under there! Just sayin’

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