A is for Alligator!

The Wee One is fascinated with letters and has been learning some in preschool. Even before that, he wanted to know what letters are what and what do words say and mean. I decided we would start doing some letter related crafts since he likes them so much. Here is our first one:

A is for Alligator!


We used this free printable from Crayola, which we printed on just regular copy paper. You could print it on cardstock, but regular weight paper worked out fine for us since you glue two layers together when you are constructing the alligator. All you do is color your alligator, cut him out, glue ’em together, then attach all his body parts to him. Everything is marked, so this is a great project for sleepy mom brains. AND the Wee One loved it!

alligator2 alligator3 alligator4

Then, for fun, we made some letter “A’s” on paper, too. Now to figure out what B is going to be.