Kid Craft: Silk Scarf

Now that we saw my Mom for her Mother’s Day and birthday celebrations, I can share with you what the Wee One and I made for her. I made her this art tote, with great pockets in the front for keeping supplies handy, plus a big pocket for sketch books, etc. The Wee One and I picked out some fun art supplies we put in the pockets, too.


The white with birds pocket goes all the way across the bag, while the bottom blue pocket is divided in half vertically.

pocket close-up

Here’s the back:back of bag

I also made her this pin, using a block I handcarved and printed, then added some embroidery:

pin for mom

The Wee One also made his Nana something handmade: a hand “dyed” silk scarf in all her favorite colors. (We used Dye-na-flow, which isn’t actually a dye.) This is an amazing project because not only does it look gorgeous at the end, but it is a fun process and can be a great way to teach about color mixing. Here’s what we did:


  • plain silk scarf (or other material) (here’s a good source)
  • Dye-na-flow in various colors
  • salt
  • gloves and either a trash bag or plastic table cloth to protect your work space
  • hair dryer and iron

Start by covering your work space and putting on a pair of disposable gloves (crazy pose after putting your gloves on is optional).

scarf making

Then lightly wet your scarf and place it in a slightly crumpled pile in front of you. Go to town squeezing out droplets of color all over your scarf. Use your fingers to work colors together and spread them around the scarf as little or as much as you want.

scarf5 scarf4 scarf3

While the scarf is wet, if you would like to add a textured effect, sprinkle some salt on your scarf. You will instantly see the colors move and spread out in a snowflake or crystal like pattern.

scarf2 scarf

Let the scarf dry all the way. You can speed up the process by using a hair dryer.

drying scarf

Once the scarf is dry, brush off any excess salt. Then iron to get out wrinkles and to make sure the Dye-Na-Flo is heat set.

Then prepare to wow your gift recipient! Seriously, the pictures don’t convey how beautiful this scarf is.

scarf2 scarf


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  1. Your bag is so pretty. I always think you can never have too many bags. I am sure the silk scarf is treasured too, there is nothing like a handmade gift.

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