Edgar & his plushie chums

Here are some recent creations that have been keeping me busy. This big grey cat (whom I have named Edgar) has beanies in his bottom third so he stands up nice and tall, all by himself. He is over a foot tall. I kind of love him– a lot. His forlorn expression makes me think of Edward Gorey drawings.

edgar edgar2 edgar3 edgar4

I sketched his pattern out over a year ago, cut the felt about 6 months ago, then finally put him together recently. Something else just kept getting in the way of me finding time to finish him. He has a companion fox I need to make, too.

These cheerful kitty creatures were fun to make, too. They have machine stitched arms, little hearts on their backsides, and a combination of hand and machine stitched faces. I based their pattern off of my kitty-roos.

cats cats2 cats3

They, along with Edgar, are headed to Elissa Halloran‘s shop in Albany once I sew the stuffing opening on each one  closed.


4 thoughts on “Edgar & his plushie chums

  1. OMG, I am in love with him! Do you think he would consider marrying outside of his species? Lol! I want one. He’s gonna sell fast!

    Love ya,

  2. Some things are worth waiting for… this cat is especially sweet!! You have captured an endearing character indeed! Thanks for sharing!

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