Kid Craft: Dreamcatcher

I saw this lovely quick project to make your own dreamcatcher on Crafting Connections this week and knew the Wee One and I had to make one, especially since it is a low-key project. My poor little guy has been sick since Tuesday with croup (when the doctor said that was what he suspected it was, I was like “People still get that?”) and has been stuck home. Thankfully, there was only one scary incident of him having serious issues breathing; the nebulizer the doctor gave him really helped. He still has a cough but no fever since last night, so hopefully he is on the mend. All this is to say he hasn’t had much energy but still wants to do something fun… making the dreamcatcher project just right.

After talking about what dreamcatchers are, we got to work. We used a piece of very wide vintage lace I have been saving for years,


An old embroidery hoop, pipe cleaners my son picked out (for the hanger), funky yarn (to hang the beads on), and beads my mom made (tutorial here) that my son adores.


We just stretched the lace onto the hoop, then my son picked beads and strung those on the yarn (because they have a wide center hole, no needle was required). Then I put the strings through some holes of the lace and knotted them on. dreamcatcher dreamcatcher2

It was a lovely afternoon project, and he was so excited to go hang it in his room when we were done.dreamcatcher4

(Yes, he is wearing a t-shirt of ketchup & mustard saying “What’s up, dog?” to a hot dog. It cracks him up immensely– thanks Aunt Amy & Uncle Kyle! And yes, those are the funky shorts I made him last summer, in my first venture into making him clothes.)


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