Kid Craft: Butterflies

My son is obsessed with butterflies lately! It must be the springtime air. He has drawn no less than 2 dozen butterfly pictures in the last week, so when he discovered these butterfly bodies in my stash of craft supplies, he was delighted. My mom gave them to me years ago, so I am not sure where you can get them. (Update: Roylco makes the bug bodies!)

butterfly craft

When I made some before, I used tissue paper for the wings. The only problem with that was that they tore easily. This time I realized we could use watercolored coffee filter paper and they would still be flexible enough to get through the opening in the body but strong enough to not tear. Perfect!

butterfly craf2t

First my Wee One got out the watercolors and covered the coffee filter with paint, in whatever colors he wanted. We let this dry entirely. Then we used the wing template to cut out wings, folded them a little, and inserted them through the opening in the body. Presto chango, butterflies (and dragonflies)! The bodies have a hole in the head, too, so we can hang them up.

butterflies butterflies2

On Saturday, I went to a fun (free!) class at one of the local branches of my library. Everyone could pick either a frame or tile base, then create your own mosaic using glass pieces. I picked a tile and did a sun design. Now I have a new trivet for the table!mosaic mosaic2


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  2. Too cute! I wonder if you could use the one-piece clothespins as bodies. You could paint them any color and put a little piece of magnet on one side to hang on the fridge. There are butterfly bodies also at, item #9721145. The photo if small but they look very similar to what you have.

  3. Hi Jennet! These look a lot like our Bug Bodies! You’ve done an awesome job yet again. I love the colors of the wings!! They have a touch of delicacy to them.

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