Bunnies & Chicks & an Almost Birthday Boy

chocolate bunny lollipops

The Wee One’s birthday is Friday! I can’t believe my baby is going to be four. Giant sigh. Where have the last four years gone? Time has flown by so quickly…

Because Friday is also Good Friday, his preschool is closed so he is taking in birthday treats for his classmates tomorrow. They are already having an Easter party with cupcakes, so instead of baking I decided we would make chocolate lollipops. The Wee One and I made chocolate once before and he really enjoyed it, so this was a fun afternoon project for us.

Making chocolates could be stressful and not so much fun if you try to make them perfect and look “just right.” I let this go and focused on my little almost birthday boy having a good time, so the pops have some extra chocolate edges and not smooth backs, but who cares, right? We had a blast and they taste great. We used some bunny molds my mom loaned me and dark chocolate mint melting chocolate (he loves mint and chocolate together).

I also wanted to make a little something for each kid that wasn’t edible. Really, I must confess, I just like making things and making things for kids, especially little kids, is the best. They are so much fun, have an incredible sense of wonder and joy, and like cute things– how can you not love that? If I had a house full of lovely little ones, I probably wouldn’t stop making them little handmade things because I would get so much joy out of seeing their delight; instead, I am pacifying myself making things for G’s classmates. Which is all a long way of saying I made a dozen of these Egg Chicks using this pattern (with slight modifications). You know how little ones like to have palm-sized things to carry with them? These are perfect for that. (They are also great for throwing and not causing injuries, an unintended bonus.)

egg chicks egg chicks2 egg chicks3


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