Washi Tape Bandwagon

For Christmas, both of my sisters gave me tons of washi tape. (You’d think they thought I was crafty or something.) I like to use washi tape for finishing the edges of my embroidery hoops before I hang them on the wall, but I hadn’t done much else with the stuff. Today I jumped on the bandwagon and made some magnets and clothespins. I should say clothespin singular since I can’t find the rest of the bag, but eventually I will do more fancy clothespins.

For the magnets, I had magnet scraps from some lovely Easter magnets my gram gave us. I just stuck some washi tape strips on, cut them out, and voila– magnets!

washi tape and magnet scraps washi tape magnets washi tape magnets in action2

The clothespins are ridiculously easy. Stick a piece of washi tape on, trim if needed. Done.washi tape magnets in action

I think I like this bandwagon.


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