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The giveaway is now closed! The winner (randomly selected) is
I just sent you an email, so just respond back with your mailing address and the goodies will be sent out to you this week! Thank you so much to everyone for entering! It was so much fun to read what books and authors you love, plus thank you for the nice words about my sewn projects.


Welcome to the Nancy Drew Blog Hop! If this is your first time visiting my blog, please browse some of my other posts and tutorials. And if you like what you see, enter in your email address in the sidebar to stay in touch and receive my posts! Thank you to Just Let Me Quilt and Sew We Quilt for hosting!

I am a huge fan of mysteries and sewing, so this Nancy Drew fabric is too cool for words. I decided to get one of the charm packs so I could play with a variety of the fabrics and was really happy I did. First, I made a zipper pouch using a few different patterns of the Nancy Drew fabric (four squares on each side of the bag).

DSC_0005 DSC_0010

I love the book spine fabric! Might want to get yardage of this one– it would make a super cute bag for library trips.DSC_0009

The inside of the pouch is an unrelated polka dot fabric.DSC_0013

I did box corners on the bottom for more structure, plus I used lightweight interfacing between the two layers of fabric so this pouch feels nice and sturdy. I hate a floppy bag!DSC_0014

This zipper pouch was a gift for our awesome local librarian, as a thank you for the amazing story hour she does every week and because of how wonderful she is with the kids. My kiddo loves going to our library because of her!

I also made some coaster sets for a “My Favorite Things” party my sister hosted. Charm packs are perfect for making easy and quick coasters.DSC_0002 DSC_0005 DSC_0022

Now for the giveaway! I have ten squares of lovely Nancy Drew fabric left, perfect for coaster sets, little pouches, or whatever! I am also throwing in a couple little bags of funky fibers, too. To enter, just leave a comment on this post (include your email address so I can contact you if you win!). Need an idea of something to say? Share what your favorite childhood book was. Giveaway ends Saturday March 16th at 8am EST.DSC_0032

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  3. My favorite childrenhood books were Noddy books. I fell in love with Noddy and his friend Big Ears in books my great aunt sent me from England. Christmas was always a delight when I got a new Noddy book. Then when I got older, I started reading my brothers’ Hardy Boys books. Then being the only girl in the family, I got my very own Nancy Drew books. I loved to read until I had teachers in junior high and high school ruin my love of reading. The required reading was not to my taste and the tests covering the books concerned minute details. Then in college, I had a teacher who was fun. My other required lit class was taught by a professor who played bridge with my family doctor back home. I told her that I just didn’t like reading for the details. She changed my perspective when she told me that I was one of her best students and my love of reading came through in my work. In the many, many years since college, I have read many books and enjoyed most of them. Thanks for participating in the blog hop and inspiring us. You combined two of my favorite things – Nancy Drew and polka dots.

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  5. I love the pouch! And the mug rugs are super cute. I read the Baby-Sitters Club when i was younger. Thanks for the chance to win, and thanks for sharing your projects with us on the hop!

  6. Outside of the ND books, My favorite author was Walter Farley who wrote “The Black Stallion” series. I was a horse lover stuck in the city or moving around a LOT. Thank you for the chance to win those great charms and for being a part of the blog hop.


  7. Your blog is fun and I like your projects. Thanks for being in the fun hop and for sharing. I would like to be in your drawing for the great giveaway gift.

  8. The pouch makes a lovely gift for your librarian! I was frequently at the library as a child. I read a lot and still do.

  9. Love your pouch too!!

    My favorite of all book, was (still is! lol)Anne of Green Gables books!! šŸ™‚ Loved Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden too….read & reread them all!

    Thanks for your Give-Away! šŸ™‚

  10. I like your pouch. I did read all the Nancy Drew books as a kid, but my favorite book was The Secret Garden.
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  11. Wonderful projects! I, too, think a boxed bottom is great in a bag and I like bags that can nearly stand all by themselves. Did you sister like her coasters?

  12. my favorite book as a child was the Bobsey Twins. Love your pouch you made and the fabric choice

  13. My favorite book was Grimm`s Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm, which in hindsight were indeed pretty grim. As a kid they were just fairy tales.

  14. My favourite childhood book was The Borrowers (and, of course, Nancy Drew…The Bobbsey Twins). The more I think, the longer the list gets!

  15. Lovely bag and coasters! Great way to use the fabric and make something beautiful and useful. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

  16. As a child I loved mysteries and there were books that featured Annette (Funicello) and Janet Lennon *(of the Lennon Sisters.) Wonderful books.

  17. Cute pouches but ever so genius coasters, I always forget Charm packs WOULD be perfect for coasters and/or rugmugseven! I loved Little Women, and of course Nancy Drew! TIA! B-)

  18. One can never have to many pouches or coasters. Love your projects, thanks for sharing them. When I was a wee tot, my favorite book was The Little Engine That Could.

  19. Zippered pouches/bags always scare me to make, so I’m always impressed with those of you who make them. I love it and those little coasters are just perfect for a little cup of tea or coffee. Thanks for hopping with us! :O)

  20. My favorite book as a child was Little WOmen (also Nancy Drew though). Cute projects. These fabrics have made so many cute things.

  21. Love your bag. Didn’t have Nancy Drew when I was growing up but do remember Mother Goose, Disney Books and of course Dr. Seuss.

  22. I love the little pouch, the polka dots are perfect for a lining. My fav books was the Little House ones. sthastie (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. Your projects are great! Thanks for all of the ideas. One of my favorite authors was Phyllis Whitney. I enjoyed a lot of different mysteries, including Nancy Drew. Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. I love your projects! I haven’t found any Nancy Drew fabric here in the UK yet bit I’m still looking!
    My favourite childhood book was anything by Enid Blyton!

  25. I have always loved Nancy Drew and really love this fabric. Your little coasters are very cute.

  26. I loved reading the orange covered biographies at the town library. I also read Nancy Drew mysteries, Little House on the Prairie, and about anything else I could get ahold of. I read constantly!

  27. cute, cute pouch – and I’ll bet your librarian was thrilled with it.
    great coasters also… good use of charm squares!

  28. Jennet-I love your ND projects. ND was significant in my life because I became interested in reading/mysteries. My favorite book was The Secret Garden, also a mystery, as our teacher read it to us in the 3rd grade. There wasn’t much available for young children at the time. Thanks for sharing

  29. I’m with Robin above with the boxcar children—I thought I was one and wove myself into the plot lines. Love your projects—you made good use of your charm square and still have some left? WOW. Thanks for the chance at winning your surplus, LOL.

  30. Yeah to you for making a gift for your librarian! Librarians are wonderful, giving people. I love both of your projects. I’m not sure I could pick a favorite book! I loved Wind in the Willows, The Borrowers, The Boxcar Children, and all the Nancy Drew and Donna Parker and Trixie Beldon books. I also remember a series about Betsy, Tacy, and Tib, but don’t remember the names of the books. Thanks for an inspiring blog and a trip down memory lane!

  31. I like both the pouch and coasters. Thanks for sharing. I don’t really have a favorite childhood book.

  32. I don’t think I had a favorite, but I do remember reading Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. When my children were younger I read a loud the Boxcar Children to them.

  33. Great projects!! I’d have to say that Nancy Drew was the first book series that hooked me into reading mysteries… it still is my favorite type of novel. Thanks for sharing in the hop.
    micheletimms at gmail dot com

  34. love the costers such a kind idea perfect for hostess gift! thank’s for sharing and have a nice day

  35. Your pouch and coasters are so pretty! What a great job you did!
    My favorite book growing up? Anything I could get my hands on! I did love the Nancy Drew books!

  36. Your coasters are such a great idea! The little girls in my sewing class would love to make these…hope their mom’s are not reading this….I’m thinking this is a good idea for mother’s day gifts! šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing. šŸ™‚ My favorite childhood book was Misty written by M. Henry

  37. Ooh! Your bag is really cool! The fabric is awesome too.
    I loved Roald Dahl books when I was a kid (well, I still do!) especially the BFG.

  38. I love the coaster idea for this fabric, a different one each day, or would I have a favourite?

  39. I loved anything by Enid Blyton! Thanks for the giveaway – I love your coasters – great idea!

  40. great projects! Love the pouch! One of my favorite books growing up was called “The Lion’s Paw”. My dad read it aloud to us first and then I read it a bunch more!!

  41. The Bobbsey Twins were my favorite, along with Anne of Green Gables. Cute coasters & cute tote for the librarian. That’s a sweet idea.

  42. My fav book as a child was the boxcar children, I have also read some Nancy Drew but she just wasn’t my cup of tea. I also remember reading the Hardy boys.
    Thank you for a chance at your giveaway.

    Robin in Washington State
    assweetaspeaches hotmail

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