It’s the Weekend!

What do you have planned for your weekend? Today is my niece’s birthday party! The Wee One is very excited to see his cousins. He made/had me make something special for his birthday girl cousin and is looking forward to giving it to her today. He wanted to give her a heart that is pink or purple, so he helped me make this sweet little pillow.

heart pillowheart pillow heart pillow

He picked the fabrics and the green thread, plus he helped stuff the pillow.

Last night it was me, the Wee One, and a friend’s son I was watching while everyone else was out livin’ it up (or working). We played Monopoly City (which was not too horribly painful; I am not a fan of board games, to be totally honest) and ate these pink frosting stuffed heart shaped chocolate cookies I made. They were some Valentine’s Day mix, not from scratch (one of those ones where you add butter and an egg, then add powdered sugar & milk for the frosting). For being a mix, they weren’t bad.


And I have an in-progress embroidery I am working on that I am loving how it is turning out! It was a free pattern called Rocket Boy on Craftsy.

embroidery embroidery

He’s spunky. I like that.

How about you? Got weekend plans? Making something fun?


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