Bunny time!

DSC_0027As promised, here is the bunny pattern to make one of these cute little guys. But first, I need to tell you something– my baby is in preschool today! Oh heaven help me get through this.  I’m only joking a little bit. I’m not ready for my baby to be growing up and going to school, even preschool. The reason he started today is because I got a part-time temporary job working at my church, doing office stuff and the weekly email newsletter and bulletins. It is mornings Monday-Friday and that’s where I am now (I scheduled this post yesterday). I am excited to start and feel like it is a good fit for me, but that doesn’t make it easier to not be with my little guy. It does help, though, that he is very excited to go. Schedule-wise, it is perfect because I work three hours each day, then swing by to get him on my way home and we have the afternoon still.

We went last week to check out the preschool and he loved it! He actually didn’t want to leave, so I had to come back later in the morning to get him. His teachers seem like really caring, loving people… so I am sure it is going to be great. I just need to buck-up, right?

Well, I guess I should get that pattern to you now! It is pretty self-explanatory. Cut out two bunny body pieces in whatever fabric you want (I used a super soft cotton flannel), then embroider & applique the face (I used felt for the eyes and nose), tummy line, tail, and heart. Stitch together with right sides facing, leaving an opening for turning and stuffing. Turn right side out, stuff, and stitch closed. Then play! I have two bunnies, complete with carrot pouches, listed in my shop in case you would rather just buy one all done for you. (Shameless plug to shop in my etsy shop.)



DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0004 DSC_0005

(snip the ear tips and cut in on curves for cleaner turning right side out)




Let me know if you make some for your little Easter bunnies!


8 thoughts on “Bunny time!

  1. I know – leaving a child is bad enough when they are screaming and have to be peeled off you, but then its almost as bad when they seem like they won’t even miss you. We moms just can’t win!! Best of you with all your changes!!

  2. Jennet, this bunny is so cute! 🙂 And congrats on the job…but i hear you on the not wanting your baby to grow up… it’s tough letting them grow up, but we can’t stop it, no matter how hard we try sometimes 😉 It seems like you both have found good fits though…i hope he had a great first day!

    • Thank you (for the bunny compliment and congrats), Jane! Yes, time just seems to keep on ticking, no matter how much I try to slow it down! 🙂 And happily, he had a great first day!

  3. What a cute bunny! I have had Easter bunnies on the brain too and just posted a bunny cake to make with kids on kartwheels 🙂 We will definitely make one of these cuties!

  4. Such a cute bunnie, will be adding one to my daughter’s basket!! Thank you for sharing. Leaving our little ones is always hard on mom’s heartstrings…and never is easy. My daughter is 12 and I still try to postpone every “growing up” step she takes, but am so proud when she does!

    • Thank you for understanding! Yes, you are right– each step is hard but does usually result in lots of “Mom Pride” at what kids accomplish. I am glad you like the bunny, too, and hope your daughter enjoys it!

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