Kid Craft: Hand Print “Stained Glass” Suncatcher

The Wee One loves art, which makes me happy beyond words. He is certainly growing up to value handmade and the artistic process. I try to do a handmade project a day with him, whether it is drawing, painting, or some other art form or baking/making in some other capacity. This project is one we did this week.

stained glass handprint

Hand Print “Stained Glass” Suncatcher

  • coffee filters
  • washable markers
  • permanent marker
  • paintbrush and water cup
  • hole punch and string

First, protect your work space! You don’t want marker all over your dining room table. Then trace your Wee One’s hand onto the center of the coffee filter. I used a pencil to trace, then went over it with a permanent marker (so I wouldn’t get any marker on the edge of his hand). Make sure you use the permanent marker for this step so the hand shape doesn’t bleed when you add water later on.

DSC_0003 DSC_0004

Then let your little one use the washable markers to decorate and color the coffee filter. You can use this time to talk about how colors blend and what colors can make other colors, too. Once the decorating is done, use a paint brush with plain water on it and paint water all over the coffee filter. Watch as the colors spread and blend together. Let dry completely.

DSC_0010 DSC_0005 DSC_0031

Once it is dry, it is ready for hanging! Hang individually with one hole punched in the top and a string loop for hanging, or attach a bunch together to hang as a garland/bunting in a large window.


This is one we gave to the Wee One’s godmother. It is hanging in her home office (and the gorgeous bright orange sheer curtain next to it adds a beautiful glow!)