Spring is in the Air

If you had seen the sunlight this morning out our windows, you would know that spring is coming! Sure, it is ridiculously cold out. Sure, we still leave the house in winter coats, scarves, and mittens. But really, the warm glow of the light this morning means one thing and one thing only: spring is not that far away. Or I am being an optimist. This haiku I stumbled across is probably closer to the truth, here in Upstate NY:

Land of six seasons:
Summer, Fall, two Winters, Mud
And FINALLY Spring!

Justin Westbrook

The Wee One and I have been thinking spring (while at the same time he wants more snow), so we decided to make some more little wood birds. This time, though, we went with pretty spring colors. First we drew on some details with a fine point black sharpie. Then we got out the watercolors. The Wee One went with more of an all over blue-green, while I added some purple for the wings. We love them and their cheerfulness! They are being added to our “nature windowsill” (we don’t have a nature table since our house is too small!).

DSC_0067 DSC_0069 DSC_0070 DSC_0071

Aren’t they beautiful? I really love them.