…as in, Sugar Honey Iced Tea. Yes, I know, I am so junior high. When I broke my sewing machine needle last week, I also apparently broke the metal plate, too. Since then, the fabric gets jammed when I try to reverse. I figured out Wednesday it is because the broken needle actually scratched the edge of the plate where the hole is for the needle to go down. Or rather, it made a hole in one side and a sticky out pokey metal thing directly opposite it. This is what the fabric gets caught on. So now I need to replace the plate. Until then, I am back sewing with my beloved Featherweight. (Ok, it’s not mine, it’s a loaner from one of the world’s coolest guys. But I claim her as mine while she is here in my house. Yes, the Featherweight is like a person. Tangent done, back to post.)


The Wee One saw the Featherweight and literally went “Oooh!” He then said, “Oh, isn’t this pretty.” (Add that to the list of reasons I love this kid.) After answering his million questions about the machine, I started sewing. He declared happily, “It’s not too loud!” He’s not a fan of loud noises, and the Featherweight purrs as opposed to the solid growl of my Singer 4423. So although I won’t be sewing anything heavy duty for a bit, I will be enjoying the view– and sound– while I sew. And to be honest, I think I actually breathe a little deeper and slower when I sew with the Featherweight, almost as though it is a meditative exercise.


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  1. Gorgeous machine. I have a very old Singerhere too…But very rarely sew on it.

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