First Sewing!

My baby did his first sewing yesterday! He has been begging to do some sewing, so the last time we were at the fabric store, I picked up some plastic large-eye needles. I cut a piece of burlap, put it in an embroidery hoop, then helped him put some thick striped twine in the needle. I showed him how to go up and down with the needle through the burlap, and then he was let loose! He had lots of fun– and I had even more fun watching him sew. I took a million pictures, but I will only subject you to a couple (or maybe a few).


(He even set down his Batman lego set, he was so into it.)DSC_0016 DSC_0019 DSC_0021

I only loosely knotted the twine, so we can easily undo it and he can resew whatever he wants.


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