Winter Fun

It is no secret the Wee One and I love snow and the winter. We also love crafting, which you probably guessed. And baking. So we made a cute snowman painting and some mini baked doughnuts.

The snowman and large “snowballs” in the sky are drawn with oil pastels. Then the Wee One used watercolors to paint the sky and sprinkled salt on the paint when it was still wet to get a fun snowflake texture.


DSC_0006 (2)

We also used the mini doughnut pan I received for Christmas and made some teeny tiny doughnuts. My sister was over that morning, so she got to enjoy some, too.

DSC_0029 DSC_0032

I think this is his “I get to eat this whole plate, right?” face.


We also made a couple loaves of pumpkin chocolate chip bread to drop off as surprise deliveries to a couple friends (don’t worry, local friends, we will be making the rounds and getting everyone before the winter is over!). I wrapped the loaves up with baking parchment and twine, and included a little note on the back of one of our handprinted hearts.

bread with handprinted tag

Unrelated to snow, I also wanted to show you something I made for the Wee One. I had bought a tiny bit of this map fabric by Sarah Jane Studios, which I turned into a play treasure map. It has a layer of felt in the middle, a backing of star cotton fabric, and an elastic loop sewn in to hold the map closed when it is rolled up. He loves it!

DSC_0007 DSC_0014