Watercolor Painted Wood Cardinals

wood cardinals

The Wee One and I had lots of fun on Wednesday. The day started off with a two hour school delay due to the lovely snow coming down, so I made cinnamon roll pancakes and hot chocolate (with whipped cream!) for him and the Middl’n. Then the Wee One and I went for a snowy walk to the library for story time. That was lots of fun, and we headed back home with a big stack of books to pour over. (I took out some graphic design inspiration books and G came home with a bug book and some super hero books.) When we got back home we played outside in the snow and cleared the walk, then went inside to make my guilty pleasure snack food– french fries, mmm– and watched a little Charlie & Lola. Lots of snuggly time, too. It was perfect. We played games and knights, then did this fun painting project.


I have some unfinished wood bird forms that I have been holding onto for a while. It seemed the perfect day to do something with a couple of them, so we pulled out the cardinal shapes (one bigger, one smaller), the watercolor paints, and the oil pastels. G made the bigger one, and I did the smaller. We started by talking about what color cardinals are, which the Wee One remembered from our other cardinal project. I told him he could paint it any colors he wanted, but he decided to be realistic with his. We took a couple oil pastels and drew on eyes and a wing.

bird cardinal

Then we used watercolors to paint the whole bird.

DSC_0030 DSC_0033

Set aside to dry, then play time! I do want to seal the birds with some beeswax polish, but I don’t currently have any.

cardinal cardinals

A super sweet and fun project that now opens up lots of fun play possibilities!


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