Artisans’ Market

This week I spent a lot of time getting ready for an artisan’s market that was last night and today. Luckily, my mom came one day this week to spend time with the Wee One so I could have some uninterrupted sewing time. I got so much done! (I refrained from a sew/so pun there. Aren’t you proud?)


The Wee One’s godmother let me use her apartment so I could get out of the house to work, which was awesome. (Yes, I said awesome. I know, it’s out of date. Oh well.) I made myself cozy in her dining room, taking over her entire table and playing Christmas carols on her CD player. As a thank you, I baked her a loaf of banana chocolate chip bread, which was left in her kitchen for her to enjoy when she got home from work.

Banana chocolate chip bread

It was really, really hard not to eat any.

I got 6 coaster sets done, 2 sets of placemats, two table runners, and some ornaments started! It was great!

SewingSewingPlacematsPlacematsSewingCoastersTable runnerTable runnerTable runnerCoasters

Then I just had to package them up and they were ready for the market!

Artisan Market Troy

PS: Here’s some of the fun my kiddo had with his Nana while I worked. They made Candy Cane Reindeer (which will go on our tree when we get it):

Fun with NanaFun with Nana

And then made some super cute drawings with googly eyes attached. Except for the top left one, these are all the kiddo’s creations.Fun with NanaFun with NanaI love these two!