Cat-egorically Lovely Aprons*

I forgot to post a picture of the aprons I made for Orange Street Cats! The lovely Diane (who I think should be nominated for sainthood, along with the other OSC members because of the amazing work for animals she/they do) asked me to create aprons they can use for craft fairs they do. Local artisans donate their handmade goods to OSC for them to sell and this raises money for the organization. She also asked if I could design a custom fabric for them, which I was more than happy to do!

I started by taking their logo and making a vector version of it. Then I did a simple repeat of the cat from the logo, leaving a space in the bottom right corner. In that corner I did the logo large, set off a bit with a partial border. I paired this original fabric with a great orange stripe I found at the fabric store.

Then I got sewing and made 6 aprons, each with an extra long tie and two deep pockets (nothing worse than leaning forward and all your money and supplies fall out of your pocket. Trust me). Here’s Diane modelling one at a local craft fair:

(I do have a picture with her head attached, but I wasn’t sure if she’d mind me posting her on the interwebs.)

I have fabric to make two more aprons, so after the holidays I am going to make up two more to donate to them, this time for them to sell.

*My apologies for the terrible pun in the post title. I couldn’t help myself.

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