Card Making!

Last night I took a fun workshop: Making Greeting Cards! I literally do not remember the last time I went out in the evening to do something purely fun for me. It was a weird experience! The workshop used rubber stamping, embossing, and die cutting to make 4 greeting cards (although because there weren’t many people, I got to make 2 extra cards) and was held at the Women’s Building in Albany. It was a really fun evening, totally low-stress, no pressure, and just relaxing. Here’s what I made:

A Thanksgiving card,

two winter cards,

Christmas cards,

and a thank you card.

Here’s a closeup of the scene in the window (which is hand colored with colored pencils):

The backs are stamped with a “handmade by” stamp with space for me to sign.

The cards that are made of dark cardstock have a white “conversation box” on the inside for writing a little message.

The cards were all made with Stampin’ Up brand supplies.

Now to decide who to send the cards to…

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