Thanksgiving Table

I actually made something for my house! That doesn’t seem to happen very often. I came across this project from The Seasoned Homemaker to make a fall leaf table runner and decided to make my own version. I picked up lovely red burlap from the store and used brown felt and interfacing I already had. I ironed on the interfacing to the burlap before cutting out the leaf shapes (to help prevent fraying) and used felt for the bottom layer instead of another layer of burlap. I sewed everything right sides out instead of right sides together and turning since I was using felt (and am going to seal the edges of the burlap, in addition to the interfacing I already attached).

My favorite part was free sewing the veins of the leaves on! I love how that part came out. (The lighting in these photos is terrible, sorry.)

They aren’t attached together, so I can use one leaf or two. If I make more, they are also the right size for placemats. I think they are cute and am happy with how they turned out. I think I would like the same thing but made with all natural linen, too.