Kid Craft: Thankful Stones

Some where in the world wide web, I found a post that mentioned something about making Thankful Stones. I have no idea where it was or who wrote it (probably lots of references to this idea, though). The Wee One loves rocks and with all the Thanksgiving books we have been reading, he also likes to say what he is thankful for… making this the perfect project!

First we went for a walk and gathered up some rocks. Then we cleaned them and let them dry. Once dry, he painted them whatever colors he wanted. After the paint was dry, the Wee One told me what he was thankful for and I wrote one thing on each stone. This part was lots of fun and so cute. He picked: family, kitty cats, nature, art, play/games/fun, legos, and books to read. We also decided to add a little picture of the word on the other side of the rock so he could tell what each rock is without having to ask. Now he can carry them around and it prompts more conversation about gratitude. When he isn’t carrying them, they look sweet in a little bowl.

I would definitely recommend this project!

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