A Handmade Holiday: Ms. Fabulous Fox Pillow

I love receiving handmade gifts. The time and love the maker put into the gift is so apparent and knowing they chose ME to be the one to give their creative endeavor to means so much. Hopefully, the people I give handmade gifts to feel the same way.

For my second post in my Handmade Holiday series, I’m sharing one of my original stuffed animal/pillow patterns with you: Ms. Fabulous Fox. These are quick & inexpensive to whip up and work great as a gift for a kid or fun loving adult. Your fabric choices can turn Ms. Fox from a fun & playful kid’s toy to a sophisticated living room sofa companion.

You’ll need: Fox pattern; felt (I use eco-fi felt because I like how durable and soft it is, plus I am allergic to wool; you could also use fleece, if you prefer) in white, charcoal grey, and a color of your choosing; a main body fabric (I like to use a soft cotton flannel, usually in a fun pattern); charcoal grey embroidery floss; white embroidery floss; needle & thread; sewing machine; and stuffing. See the pattern for specifics on sizes of fabric pieces. (You can enlarge the pattern as large as you want or reduce it for a mini fox.)


1) Cut all of your pieces out and iron as needed.

2) Place the white felt tummy piece on top of the front body piece and sew it on around all edges. See photo and pattern for placement. I sew it on using my sewing machine (using a straight stitch all the way around, then a zigzag stitch right at the edge of the white felt), but you could hand stitch the two together using white embroidery floss.

3) Using your charcoal grey embroidery floss, sew the nose on and embroider the mouth.

4) Place a pupil felt piece on top of a white eye felt piece and pin to fox face. Using the white embroidery floss, stitch the pupil (or button) to both layers of fabric, then the eye to the fox body. Repeat with other eye.


5) On the fox back body piece, hand sew the felt heart to the fox tush using embroidery floss.

6) Now that all of your pieces are attached to the front and back body pieces, place the right sides of the body fabric together and pin. Starting at the bottom of the fox, machine stitch the two pieces together, leaving an opening to turn everything right side out. Turn right side out, stuff, then sew your opening closed. Give your Fabulous Fox a hug, wrap her up, make a pretty tag, then prepare for your gift recipient to ooh and aah!

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