So in between Saturday’s pumpkin picking and Sunday’s pumpkin carving, I did a big giant oops. I seriously cut my finger with the rotary cutter while working on a table runner (so much for being excited the Wee One was in bed early and I could do a little work!). After a trip to the ER, I am super glued together and bandaged up (let’s hear it for the marvels of modern medicine and a clean cut so instead of stitches they could glue my finger back together). I thought about posting a picture of my finger but it is super gross and won’t do that to you.  The moral of this story is always pay attention when cutting!! Aiye. It should be okay in 5-10 days. So this means there won’t be much sewing for the next week or so, but I do have some fun recipes, kid crafts, and in-progress work that I will be sharing with you.

Because of this I’ll be sewing vicariously through some of my favorite bloggers this week, such as Jenny & Angel at Stumble & Stitches, Rachael at imaginegnats, Jill at Made With Moxie, and Maureen Cracknell. And feel free to post pictures (on my FB page) or links of what you are sewing! I’d love to see what you are working on.

10 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Aw you are so sweet to link to us. I am SO sorry you are injured. Ugh. I still recall my own rotary cut with much horror and dread, and it was much less awful than yours! I hope it heals well and fast! xo

  2. Ouch!!! I hope you heal quickly! Drug stores sell a thing called Finger Cots that you can put over your bandage when you don’t need a whole glove…looks like a glove finger that you roll down your finger. Much better than whole glove!

  3. I did that once… with the hedge trimmer.
    that glue is great. Do you have some vinyl gloves? you might want to get a box of those from Target to use in the shower. You can use a rubber band around your wrist. Also cut off a finger and wear that when it fits, just when you are doing things and you do not want to get the wound dirty.
    I wish you fast healing

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