Kid Craft: Painted Leaf Prints

On the way home from the library yesterday we found some really lovely shaped leaves, of various sizes. I had seen a fun leaf printing project in the Fall issue of Crafting Connections. (Rowan & Oak is doing a giveaway to get your own copy of this lovely magazine. I was lucky enough to win a copy from Buzzmills‘ giveaway recently.) The Wee One and I love a good nature art project, so this was right up our alley!

All we did was gather up leaves, put a squirt of paint on each one, spread the paint around, then flip the painted leaf over onto a piece of paper and press down evenly and gently. The paint and impression of the leaf transfers to the paper. Being a bit of a printmaking nut, I love that this is such an easy and fun introduction to printmaking (although the Wee One has done printmaking before.) We made this particular painting for his godmother’s birthday, which we celebrated last night. (We also made her a purple and green marbleized cake with creamcheese buttercream frosting, but I forgot to take pictures of that.)

(He added a heart since it was for a present to someone he loves.)

Cute & easy and a nice to tie in to all of the leaf books we have read recently, like The Little Yellow Leaf.

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    • Thank you! Usually the Wee One only wants to use blue and purple, but since his godmother likes warm colors I was able to break him out of that box. 🙂 Can’t wait to try the other projects, too!

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