Read & Create: The Biggest Thing in The Ocean

Do you know the book “I’m the Biggest Thing in The Ocean” by Kevin Sherry? We checked this out of the library and my son loves it. Like loves it like crazy. As in, wants to hear it over and over and over again. Luckily, I think it is pretty funny, too. The main character is a squid who keeps going around to smaller ocean creatures and declaring he is the biggest thing in the ocean… until he is gobbled up whole by a whale. It cracks the Wee One up every time. Inside the whale, the squid (only momentarily deterred by being swallowed) declares himself the biggest thing in the whale. Heh, heh.

This book is part of what started the Wee One’s obsession with all things oceans and sea creatures. In honor of that, I thought it would be fun to make a project to go with the story, that he can play with based off of the story. Here’s what I came up with…

Stuffed Whale with fish & squid toys (and bag)!

The whale (my own pattern) is stuffed and has an open mouth just right for munching on smaller sea creatures. There is a heart appliqued to his body by the tail (I kind of add hearts to everything I sew, if possible) and an embroidered sleepy eye on each side of his head.

The squid and fish are patterned cotton fabric shapes I drew and cut out, then stitched to fleece. They’re not stuffed because my kiddo loves to have little things to hold easily in his hand as he goes about his day, but you could easily make stuffed ones.

The Wee One loves it! He didn’t even let me finish making the whale before he’d wandered off with the fish. (The fish have already accompanied us on two walks around the neighborhood.)

The bag I made to hold the squid and fish could also hold the board book version of the story. The bag is also the perfect place to tuck the sea creatures after the whale munches them up into his “belly.”

I loved making this and have a bunch more projects based on books I want to make and share with you.

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