Done! Christmas embroidery

All done! I love it, too. Now just to figure out what to do with it… although at the moment I am leaning towards turning into a pillow. The embroidery would be at the center and it would have Christmasy patchwork around the sides.

10 thoughts on “Done! Christmas embroidery

  1. You did a lovely job on this! I love the texture embroidery/stitchery gives to fabric and with the Christmas patchwork as a border, it will make a darling pillow!

    • Hi, Jeanne! Thanks for your nice words, I appreciate them. I usually embroider on linen, but this piece is just a plain 100% cotton. If the fabric is rather thin or if I’ll be doing a lot of stitching, I add a layer of thin interfacing behind my fabric. -Jennet

  2. this is so sweet! A pillow would be great, I bet you could also make it into a Christmas card 🙂

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