Kid Craft: Paper Haunted House

I found this cute project on Sarah Jane’s blog. I knew it was something the Wee One would love, so last night when it was already dark at quarter of seven and we needed something to do, I pulled this one out. Sarah Jane gives you the template, you just print it out and get to work!

After you (the grown up) cuts out the house shape and uses an x-acto blade for the windows, it is time for the little one to draw monsters in the windows! I traced the window openings onto our background paper, he drew his monsters in there, then we glued the house down to the background paper (yellow). I thought it would be tricky for him to draw with the shutters/open windows in the way, so that’s why we did it this way.

All done!

(This one is my favorite! This is one of his first figures with a circle head, face, and limbs.)

Super cute, super easy project that is lots of fun to make!

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