Signs of Autumn, pt 2

Another favorite activity to do with the Wee One is to visit a farm that is very near our house. They have lots of animals to look at and talk to (yes, we talk to animals), fresh produce and goodies in the barn store, and beautiful plants and flowers for sale. It is such a treat to go there, no matter the season. On our most recent visit, we could see signs of Fall all over.  The air was cool, the leaves were orange and gold, mums were everywhere, and pumpkins abounded! It was so beautiful. Plus the light had that Autumn quality about it, kind of golden and extra “warm” in tone.

This fellow was very noisy when we were there, crowing up a storm!

The bunnies are G’s favorite.

Here’s the little flocked button bunny he bought while we were there.  A local crafter makes them to support an animal shelter.

And here’s the definite signs of Fall!

It was a beautiful day, and I am sure we will spend many more days there before they close for the winter!

Do you have favorite places to visit in the Fall?

PS: The winner of the recent giveaway was announced here! Thank you, thank you to everyone who entered! You left such great comments, and I can’t wait to check out all of your blog links. I’ve already found some great new blogs I need to start reading.