Signs of Autumn, pt 1

The Wee One and I went for a walk this week at our favorite nature center, and there were signs of Autumn everywhere! We had talked before about how red, yellow, and orange leaves mean Fall is coming, so G was so excited to exclaim, “Look!! Fall is COMING!” with every changed leaf. It was quite adorable, although I do recognize that I am biased.

Here are a few photos of our rapidly approaching autumnal season.




And as a side note, look at the book my cool kid picked at the library:


Yes, Pantone colors. Be still my graphic designing heart.

4 thoughts on “Signs of Autumn, pt 1

    • Me too! I love Fall for all of its own good stuff (crisp air, leaves changing, etc), but also because it means Christmas is coming! 🙂 And hopefully some snow, too.

      We got the book from the Albany Public Library, and if I remember, I’ll let you know when we return it!

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