Upcycled Cardboard Kitty Cats

The Wee One and I have been saving toilet paper rolls for a bit now. We weren’t sure exactly what we were going to use them for, but we’d seen a bunch of fun projects using them. This week he decided they should be… kitty cats! I couldn’t say as I was surprised, given his continual love of the furry beasts. (Speaking of, the furry beasts left a dead mouse at the bottom of the stairs this morning, to greet us when we got up. Scotty in particular looked quite proud of this.)

To make our little Upcycled Kitty Cats, first I cut off part of the top to shape in some pointy ears. Then I cut in a tail shape to the back of the cardboard roll. After that, G painted each roll one color (with acrylic paint) and we let them dry. Then we added details like faces and stripes and spots (G kept his abstract). They look so cute!

We also finally hung up those leaves we made a couple weeks ago. They add just the perfect fall touch to the front door, and G loves to point them out and say “First you color them, then add water, and wow!”

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